(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Rounded-out quality
1. rotundity, roundness, cylindricity, sphericity, spheroidicity, orbicularity, globosity, globularity. See circularity, curvature.
2. (spherical object) cylinder, cylindroid, barrel, drum, roll, rouleau, roller, column, rundle; sphere, globe, ball, spheroid, ellipsoid, drop, spherule, globule, blob, bubble, vesicle, bulb, bullet, pellet, bead, pill, BB shot, marble, pea, knob, pommel; cone, conoid, funnel, cornet; pear-, egg-, or bell-shape; bubo.
3. corpulence, obesity, embonpoint, stoutness, plumpness; middle, midsection, abdomen. Informal, bay window, breadbasket, belly, middle-age spread, spare tire, brisket, love handles, front porches, epigastrium, tummy, venter. Slang, fat city; bazoo, guts, table-muscle, puzzle-gut, bubble butt. See convexity, size.
4. fat or obese person. Informal, fatty. Slang, chubbette, lardo, lard-ass, lard-bucket, porker, oinker, buffalo.
Verbs — round [out], fill out, sphere, form into a sphere, ball, roll into a ball; snowball, bead; round off.
1. rotund[ate], round, circular; cylindric[al], columnar; conic[al], funnel-shaped, infundibular; spherical, orbicular, globular, global, globous, gibbous; beadlike, moniliform; pear-shaped, pyriform; egg-shaped, oval, ovoid, oviform, elliptical; bulbous, fungilliform; bell-shaped, campanulate, campaniform; eccentric.
2. corpulent, obese, fat, stout, plump, chubby, beefy, barrel-chested, adipose, ample, dumpy, fleshy, hunky, lumpish, meaty, overstuffed, paunchy, porcine, portly, potbellied, pudgy, tubby, thickset, stocky, full-fleshed, well-padded, callipygian, callipygous, roly-poly, differently sized; buxom, full[-figured], top-heavy, curvaceous, voluptuous, zaftig. Slang, stacked, built [like a brick shithouse].
3. resonant, sonorous, rounded, grandiloquent, magniloquent (see loudness).
Quotations — Has it ever struck you that there's a thin man inside every fat man? (George Orwell), The opera ain't over till the fat lady sings (Anon.), Guns will make us powerful; butter will only make us fat (Hermann Goering), Fat is a feminist issue (Susie Orbach).
Antonyms, see angularity, layer.

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